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Job Title: An Insurance Agency Is Only As Good As Its People.
Location: Houston, TX
Salary: $35,000 - $60,00
An insurance agency is only as good as its people. An agent can be great, but if he doesn’t have the right professional staff, his agency will not grow. RAINBOW PERSONNEL has been in the business of finding the “right” people for insurance agents since 1980 and is now in its second generation of ownership. Our goal is to help insurance professionals find better-paying jobs, close to home, where their careers can flourish.

New positions come to us daily all across our vast city—everything from receptionists and customer service reps to account managers and sales staff. Often the positions are open immediately; therefore we need to be able to reach qualified personnel quickly. It is amazing how fast a job comes on the market and then disappears. The point is: we need your resume on file.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in a new insurance agency opportunity, please see that a resume gets to us as soon as possible. Good jobs sometimes go to unqualified people simply because of an agent’s desperation to hire and fill a desk. Meanwhile, you could be the perfect candidate. A license, previous agency experience, and a desire to grow your insurance career is all that’s needed to start the interviewing process. Recognize your own potential! Let us help you achieve it.

Send resume to rainbowjobs@rainbowjobs.com. Call Jennifer Holden at 832-764-0970, You can always scout out our current openings at www.rainbowjobs.com.

PO Box 7354  ||  The Woodlands, TX 77387  ||  Phone: 832-764-0970