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Job Title: Spring Cleaning Your Career
We folks at RAINBOW PERSONNEL LLC think of Springtime as a time for RENEWAL AND SPRINGING FORWARD.

Spring is the perfect time to clear away the post-Harvey cobwebs and what’s left of the winter doldrums. Take a fresh look at everything that is important to you, especially your insurance career.

Are you happy in your work? Are you ready for a promotion but don’t see one coming? Do you want to explore the opportunities that are out there? Are you looking for a raise? Better benefits? Is Houston traffic wearing you down? Need flextime? Hoping you can work some from home? Want to build new work relationships? Are you just plain bored and seeking a change?

Contact me at RAINBOW PERSONNEL LLC 832-764-0970

Email:jholden@rainbowjobs.com; or forward your resume to: rainbowjobs@rainbowjobs.com

We’re gearing up for a fresh start, too. Our purpose is to help Houston insurance agents find the quality professionals they need AND help you, the candidate, achieve your personal career goals. If we don’t know you are open to hearing about opportunities, it is quite possible we might skip over your name and go to the next best person.

PLEASE let me know about your interest in bettering your work life. We won’t force you into anything, but we will hold your hand while you explore what’s out there. Rainbow Personnel has been helping Houston area insurance professionals grow their careers for over thirty-six years. We know the right people! Call today!

PO Box 7354  ||  The Woodlands, TX 77387  ||  Phone: 832-764-0970